Our History

Honduras/ Mujeres Unidas Luchando por sus Derechos

United Women Fighting for their Rights (Mujeres Unidas Luchando por sus Derechos) was born on 19th of June of 2008 in La Ceiba, Honduras. After some important processes of empowerment, a group of women who worked together in the same area dreamt a large organization led by sex workers. It was time to be the protagonists of our own political changes and that’s why we organize ourselves. A year later we entered the REDTRASEX.
Little by little we learned about politics, HIV/AIDS and human rights, among others; and today we are replicating this information in our work zones. We work with several organizations, such as Casa Solidaria con Voz, Rompiendo Cadenas, Ceprosap, AIDS Forum, health workers, Secretary of Human Rights, Network of Human Rights on HIV Promoters, among others. 
We do field work that’s why women recognize us now and they join to our fight gradually. We walk areas at night and during the day promoting health care, coordinated with physicians and clinics with whom we made conventions. 

Redtrabsex es receptora de la Ronda 9 del Fondo Global.


Karla Pacheco

Mail: honduras1@redtrasex.org.ar

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