Our History

Our organization was created to stop human rights violations against us, sex workers, perpetrated by some state institutions and some conservative sectors of Bolivian society. First we organize in local groups, later we joined the national level. In this process, Oruro was established as the fundamental pillar of this joint: this is where the first protest marches were held. In December 2005, the First National Conference of Sex Workers was held in Oruro, during which we elected the first national directory of ONAEM, approved our lines of action and drafted statutes. In 2006 we held a second national meeting of sex workers leaders with representatives from 8 of the 9 departments of Bolivia. In the year 2009 we acquired the legal status and, from this moment, our organization has been fortifying increasingly, with more wide projects in favor of the defense of the human, labor, reproductive and sexual rights of the Sexual Bolivian Workers


Web: www.onaem.org.ar

Tel: +591 4 4255379

Evelia Yucra Asillo

Mail: bolivia1@redtrasex.org.ar

Verónica Perez

Mail: bolivia2@redtrasex.org.ar