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Our History

Sex workers in Uruguay founded the Association of Professional Meretrices of Uruguay (Asociación de Meretrices Profesionales del Uruguay - AMEPU) in 1986 and two years later it obtained legal status. Our initial goal was helping between fellows, to stop police violence and defend our rights as sex workers and as women. Today, after big struggles, sex work is legal in Uruguay.


Marina Oviedo



24/10/2011 - Uruguay

Informative visit to the wastelands of Nanay and Toledo
In August, fellows from the Colectivo de Trabajadoras Sexuales Sarita Colonia made visits to sex work places of Nanay, Toledo (Carapa) and Belén, among other locations, to provide advice on health with special emphasis on HIV / AIDS. In addition, they invited fellows to attend the Reference Center and provided them of material on human rights. (+)

23/08/2011 - Uruguay

Elections to renovate representatives
AMEPU calls elections to renew their representatives (+)

29/05/2011 - Uruguay

Meetings on political consequences in Uruguay
Redtrasex Executive Secretary Elena Reynaga was in Uruguay from May 26th to May 28th participating in a project held by the International Alliance consisting of a series of meetings with leaders from different countries in order to strengthen the network member organizations. (+)