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6/06/2016 - Political statements

We denounce this omission, we shall not be silenced
We denounce the great omission of our population that has taken place at the Political Declaration of the High Level Meeting. (+)
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19/11/2015 - Political statements

A law in our own voice
Any law regulating sex work must give a prominent role to sex workers in its drafting and implementation, and must be focused on respecting and protecting both our human and labour rights.
The core objective of such regulation must be to recognize sex work as work in order to regulate this activity and stop the criminalization of workers and the violations of our human rights. (+)
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5/08/2015 - Political statements

6 reasons why women sex workers demand legal and free abortion
Women sex workers fight for the recognition of our labor and human rights. (+)
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5/08/2015 - Political statements

8 reasons to stop confusing the trafficking of persons and labor exploitation with sex work
The confusion among sexual exploitation, labor exploitation and sex work creates a series of problems that come up repeatedly throughout the Latin American region. Often they are the product of ignorance and lack of knowledge, but sometimes they are deliberate. (+)
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28/07/2015 - Political statements

Five Reasons Why Sex Work Must Be Regulated
Even though we have chosen to do this work, our decision is not reflected in laws or public policies acknowledging our right to engage in sex work and guaranteeing our integrity as human beings. We have no doubt that sex work is work and as such must be regulated. (+)

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