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In this section, we share news produced by RedTraSex’s Executive Secretariat and the network’s members and news related to our work to advance the realization of our human rights.

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2/12/2015 - Other news

Job training includes workshop on how to put on a condom with your mouth
In an effort to visibilize and defend the rights of sex workers, members of Argentina’s sex worker association are meeting in front of Congress this week to demand legal recognition and protections for their line of work. (+)
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19/08/2015 - Executive Secretary

Amnesty International supports our struggle for more rights
As we have repeteadly argued, regulating autonomous sex work and repealing any laws that indirectly encourage harassment and violence against us is the suitable way to respect and guarantee the human rights of those who voluntarily choose to engage in sex work. (+)
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28/07/2015 - Executive Secretary

We are the ones making decisions about our projects
After many years of work, we have seen many positive changes within our organizations, in social understandings of sex work and in the personal growth of women sex workers. In this report we will share and account for the strategies and activities we have been implementing to achieve these changes. (+)
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19/07/2013 - Other news

Solidarity with sex workers in Europe!
Adherence to protests challenging the deaths of Jasmine and Dora (+)
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14/12/2012 - Executive Secretary

RedTraSex in the Global Fund Regional Workshop
Our Executive Secretary, Elena Reynaga, attended the meeting organized by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in Colombia, which dealt with the optimization of the response to HIV in Latin America, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. (+)

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