Our History

ASMUBULI was born in July 2008, after attending a meeting of the REDTRASEX held in Ecuador. In April 2009 we met for the first General Assembly and we began the process of formal organization. We were little more than twenty fellows from the Nariño Ipiales District that were tired of discrimination and violation of our fundamental rights. Today, among other places, we participate in the Social Policy Council of the District and we are invited to several forums, events and meetings where we have voice and vote, we participate in the Country Coordinating Mechanism (Mecanismo Coordinador de País – MCP) and of important instances with decision makers.


Fidelia Suárez

Mail: colombia1@redtrasex.org.ar


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8/05/2012 - Colombia
The first quarter of this year, the organization ASMUBULI, referent of RedTraSex in Colombia, has worked in various fields for the rights of sex workers women in their country. (+)
1/10/2011 - Colombia
Together for Sexual and Reproductive Health without Frontiers
ASMUBULI participated in the Binational Fair on Sexual and Reproductive Health with a stand where they presented the work of the organization and RedTraSex. (+)
30/08/2011 - Colombia
Deception and repressive operative in Ipiales
On the pretext of an integration meeting, Ipiales police tricked sex workers to take them prisoners. (+)
10/08/2011 - Colombia
Key meetings
Policy advocacy and very close the "Network of Sex Workers of Colombia" (+)
14/07/2011 - Colombia
Multitudinary gathering organized by ASMUBULI
ASMUBULI organized a meeting of sex workers, attended by no less than one hundred and five fellows workers from Ipiales. (+)

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