Our history

The Network of Women Sex Workers from Latin America and the Caribbean was created in 1997 after a meeting in Heredia, Costa Rica, where women sex workers from the region met for the first time. It was there that we began to get to know each other and discovered we shared the same needs, the same fears and suffered the same injustices even though we were living in different countries. Two years later we created the regional Executive Secretariat that is currently based in Argentina.

RedTraSex is made up of organizations whose members are current or former women sex workers and that represent us. Our Network includes organizations from 15 countries (Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay and Peru) and we look forward to incorporate many more compañeras wanting to join our collective.

Our struggle is framed within popular struggles because we are part of the people and we share the same issues with all those suffering repression, discrimination, marginalization and violations of their rights.
We are women in the struggle to broaden our freedoms. We want a fairer, more egalitarian society free from violence, stigma and discrimination.

Our goal

RedTraSex’s purpose is to advocate for, recognize and respect the human rights of women sex workers, and particularly our labour rights.

The Network promotes participation by women sex workers without any kind of discrimination (gender, race, sexual identity, age, ethnicity, national origin and/or socioeconomic status).

Our principles

RedTraSex represents women sex worker members of national organizations that make up the network, women sex workers that are of legal age and engage in sex work of their own will.

Under no circumstances will the Network accept or maintain as a member a national organization that includes minors and/or those who are forced or otherwise engage in sex work against their will.
Our highest government body is the RedTraSex General Assembly where regional strategies are decided and defined.

Organizations that are members of RedTraSex guarantee that the network’s authorities are elected in a clear and transparent process following the mechanisms established in the statutes.
Strategies and actions carried out by national organizations and RedTraSex are led and defined by women sex workers themselves.

Developing mechanisms for political and financial advocacy in and for national women sex workers’ organizations, their members and RedTraSex itself is a priority.

National organizations making up RedTraSex are committed to preserve their autonomy and independence from all financial institutions, organizations or donors, national or international. The same independence is to be preserved from public authorities, political parties and/or any proselytizing force or organization, as well as from any other interest that may jeopardize the interests or the achievement of the goals, vision and mission of the women sex workers’ national organizations or of RedTraSex.